CBD Face Masks made from hemp flower buds. Sourced from CBD LTD Nug Shop.

Everything you need to know about CBD face
The face mask is a little luxury that helps us relax once in a while, and an added
CBD ingredient is offering even more zen. Unlike THC, it is a component of
cannabis, heals without the high, and the CBD Bud originates from a plant.
The CBD face mask is the most boasted about compound in high-end health and
beauty products as it serves as an antioxidant therapeutic gem in the skincare
industry. Aside from its therapeutic content, it has a compound that sends signals
to the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). It’s potentially calming, and anti-
inflammatory effects can be of great benefit to the skin.
Wondering what CBD face mask is?
CBD face masks are face masks that have been infused with CBD and its anti-
inflammatory properties. They serve as a natural, non-toxic alternative skincare
solution. CBD face mask appeals to people dismayed by the adverse side effects
of many artificial chemical-laden skincare products available in the market.
Because of the popular ingredients of natural properties in many beauty products,
the skin can absorb all CBD benefits without getting the user intoxicated.
The CBD has shown to improve overall skin health or alleviate skin issues and are
very beneficial for the skin. CBD face mask helps the skin with issues like:
Wrinkles and ageing
The CBD is an antioxidant that aids the body get rid of chemicals and toxins that
can flood the pores and bloodstream and counter the signs of ageing caused by
free radicals in the face.
Reduce Acne
Acne is an inflammatory condition. Since CBD has a natural anti-inflammatory
property, hence it will combat the acne. It is a good option for acne-prone skin
and helps control sebum production and reduce redness.
CBD has significant soothing properties and substantial skin-normalizing and skin
sensitivity, including reactivity and redness. CBD face mask helps improve the

defense mechanism of the skin and its ability to regenerate. It is known for its
ability to relieve and eliminate a variety of skin problems. It also helps reduce the
appearance of puffy and swollen eyes, leaving you looking rested and
The CBD face mask is beneficial for the skin as it has an immediate and long term
effect, as it glows the skin after first use and brightens as it improves the overall
skin health in the long run. The skin absorbs the CBD, but it never reaches the
bloodstream and this way it ensures you get targeted relief to a specific area. Its
absorption rate through the skin is very low, and for the CBD face mask to work,
they need to be applied very generously. Every individual is different, has
different needs, and will experience different effects so that the results will differ
according to individuals.

CBD face mask has a potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic
qualities. It has relaxing effects on the skin, helps with damage to the skin,
prevents drying of the skin, and reduces healing with its plethora of properties
that benefit the skin. The CBD face mask is a skincare and beauty product.